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Gay Sauna 2On my knees on the floor of the grope room off the sauna.
One bloke fucking my mouth for all he was worth, and
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arsehole. Another, who had just joined us, standing to my
side as I wanked his hardening cock. And three or four
more standing watching.All the elements were just right. A cock in my mouth and
another in my hand. Strange hands doing what they liked
around my genitals and arse. And an audience. I felt a
right slut and totally and publicly humiliated, and
that's a feeling for which I long. Before I'd only had it
on cam, but this was real time. No turning off the cam
and walking away this time.The porno 14 yo mouth fucker pulled out suddenly and leant down and
kiss me again, his tongue thrusting into my mouth. Then
he straightened and held delphi twin lock 02973916 his cock in front of my face as
he finished himself by hand. I could feel a finger or
fingers in my arsehole now, and lips around my cock, but
all my attention was on that cock being wanked inches
from my face. When it came most of the cum landed on my
left cheek, just below the eye, but I could feel it on my
lips and chin as well.He stood back to admire his handiwork, then leant to sex 16 yers kiss
me again"Leave it there, bitch," he said, with a smile. Then he
turned to those watching. "The bitch has got a hot little
mouth. Who else wants to fuck it?"Someone else stepped forward straight away. Without a
word, he grabbed under16 porn
me by the hair and thrust his cock at my
mouth. I opened up and took it in. Still holding me by my
hair, he started to fuck me. The last one's cock had been
on the smallish side, but this one was a fair bit bigger.
As he began to pound my mouth, I felt the cock in my hand
begin to pulse. I gave it a squeeze and speeded up.
Seconds later I felt the spurts landing on my shoulder
and chest. When it was dry, he took his cock out of my
hand and came closer to wipe the last remains across my
right cheek.
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